Lapstick on the road

Recently took my Lapstick on vacation – see iPod for size. It even fits right inside my smallish suitcase! I spent a lot of time with it on my mini-break learning some fiendishly difficult Allan Holdsworth licks – made easier by the Lapstick’s short scale length.

IMG_1599 IMG_1607 IMG_1609 IMG_1614 IMG_1610


2 Responses to “Lapstick on the road”

  1. That’s pretty sweet!
    How is it working out for you sound wise?

    If you have the chance…. check out our collection of Vintage Guitars.

  2. […] Lapstick of course was my constant companion. Consider this July’s ‘have Lapstick will travel’ entry.  I brought it to London as managed to get a decent amount of playing time in on it. I’ve been trying to play different scales from the same root e.g. C Major, C Minor, C Melodic Minor, C Dorian etc. and trying to focus on the notes that differ, e.g. a flat 3, or flat 7 etc.  P.S. I have a lot of Lapstick posts. I do not endorse or work for Lapstick. It’s just that sometimes when you find a killer product you become a natural evangelist for it. I think Lapstick is the best travel guitar out there for me and am considering getting another one. Also, when you travel a lot, your travel guitar can (gulp!) become your main guitar!  Learned the head for Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ which one of my buddies wants to jam on soon. […]

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