Mesa Mark V – more Internet rumours

The fact that Boogie has trademarked the Mark V (and variants) name has fueled more speculation on its imminent release and pants-jizzing amongst the GAS helpless (me included).


The Boogie Board has this thread waging at the moment:

‘Mark V’ spotted in John Petrucci’s rig

I love this picture of it from here:



One Response to “Mesa Mark V – more Internet rumours”

  1. BionicSam Says:

    Are people still having trouble (August, 2009) finding Mesa Mark 5 heads and combos? All I did was leave my name and phone number with a store that is in a large city (no deposit). About 2 or 3 weeks later they called me and I got my Mark 5 with wine red tolex and tweed front (a head) back in June of 2009. It truly is the best rock head ever.Every switch and knob does something in a good way that is instantly noticiable. This amp has a lot of switchs and knobs, the difference between this amp and others that have lots of features is the Mark 5’s switches and knobs do something. I give mine a 9 out of 10. It’s damn good. Are you having problems locating one? I will get notified of any replys left, at least it says I will. Good luck if you are still waiting for your Mark 5. BionicSam

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