I can play parts of Scarified!!! (albeit at 2/3rds of the original speed)

Spent about 2 hours last night with a Guitar Techniques tab of Racer X’s Scarified and a metronome, gradually working up speed and accuracy. Main riff, not too bad. Interlude (Dmaj, D#dim, E, Fdim) part is getting better, more fluid – still some problems with the string skipping and hammering with the little finger. The ‘main’ licks are getting a lot stronger and the task here is mainly getting the shapes under the fingers and remembering which ones follow on from each preceding one, since the lick moves through a lot of changes. Damn – some of this is stretchy and it’s very hard to copy since Paul has HUGE hands and very long fingers (see vid). Tapping part, no problem.

I managed to get all of the above fairly clean at 92 BPM while the original is at 138BPM. My main challenges are in the alternate picked string skipping bits, which Paul does a lot.

Anyway, here’s Pablo doing it the right way:

Next step is to tighten it up, string the parts together and obviously speed up.


2 Responses to “I can play parts of Scarified!!! (albeit at 2/3rds of the original speed)”

  1. I found some other gt articles on this blog. So if you need another challenge look at this blog. Videos and guitar books.


  2. Anonymous Says:


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