PRS/Sewell amps announced at NAMM

Would love to try one – maybe they will appear at Davis in a couple of months or so. 


“After nearly four years of close collaboration with master amp designer Doug Sewell, PRS Guitars introduces the highly anticipated PRS tube amp line at Winter NAMM.

"I met Doug Sewell at the Dallas International Guitar Show several years ago and needed an amp for that evening’s performance, so I borrowed one of his and was floored," said Paul Smith. "We started working on this series and tried every conceivable component and circuit combination. Derek Trucks, David Grissom and several other known amp tone artists are now using this new amplifier line both live and in the studio. We’re pleased to be working with Doug and to have him leading the PRS amp team."

Paying homage to both classic American as well as British amps, Sewell and Smith directed the PRS team to produce a line that covers the needs of varied playing styles while providing some uniquely different tonal possibilities.

The Dallas, Blue Sierra, and Original Sewell models make their official appearance at 2009 NAMM in Anaheim.

Producing clean tones that overdrive nicely, the Dallas harkens to the classic American reverb amps with more useable gain and slightly fuller midrange. Its percussive attack, sweet highs, and solid lows produce open, three-dimensional tone and huge sounding cleans.”


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