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Mesa Nomad footswitch arrived from the U.S. and guess what…

Posted in General whining on February 27, 2009 by Staff Writer

…it’s too frickin’ big. It’s the one at the top, above my old, beaten-up one.


“Too big for what?” I hear you say. Too big for the pouch inside the back of the amp for starters.  The one shown on the website at the online store matches my original – the FU-2. Instead, this 20% longer thing shows up.

Anyway, I emailed Mesa asking them to replace it (assuming they still make the short version) or send me a new pouch that the new footswitch can fit into. Let’s see if they live up to their legendary customer service; I don’t have high hopes since they ignored my last information request about transformer power.


Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster – clean & restring

Posted in Guitar Gear, Shred Guitar on February 25, 2009 by Staff Writer

Decided to pull my Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster out of its case for a bit of a play last night. The strings were a bit munged but fortunately I had bought a couple of sets of Ernie Ball ‘8s’ last week (“BE PREPARED” [Boy Scouts *did* pay off]).

For some reason, having been caught up in a GASeous frenzy and been selling all my stuff left, right and center, I had got it into my mind that this was going to be one of the items that I would be letting go. Perhaps I was taking it down from storage to give it one last caress, or to convince myself ‘nah – this guitar you never play, and it sucks – sell it – even at a big loss…’.   Well, having become reacquainted with it and with a new set of strings, I have decided to hang firmly on to it.

Without strings full length shot. Mesa Nomad and KH JR in background, along with stripped down pedalboard (go minimalism!). What a gorgeous colour – as I always say ‘like a block of New Zealand butter’.


Trio of DiMarzios – two HS-3s (neck and bridge) and a single coil in the middle. Olympic white scratchplate (minty white).


Closeup of scallops. Beautiful.


Oversized headstock – note brass nut, lack of bullet truss rod (indicating it is the last generation model) and split-post tuners. *All* non-locking tremolo tuners should have split posts IMHO – saves people getting poked by little sharp string ends.


Ernie Ball Extra Slinkys – what Yngwie used to use before his string endorsement. Probably about half the price (No doubt the fanboy sucker in me will be shelling out for his signature strings at some point in the future…)

IMG_2080 IMG_2085 IMG_2087

Inside tremolo cavity. Dunno what ‘M2’ means which was found written in there at the factory. Maybe it’s a secret code that if spotted by any Fender employees entitles me to receive a free lifetime’s supply of guitars?


Yngwie signature pick. I used to have one of these which I caught at one of his gigs – long since lost. This one came as part of a ‘5 for $20’ pack at his gig at Fort Canning the year before last.


What an idiot… I forgot to take some pics of it with the strings back *on*.  Gives me something to do later I s’pose…

Guitar Gear day at Min’s house

Posted in Guitar Gear on February 24, 2009 by Staff Writer

Had a great day on Saturday – Min invited a few of us around to his big ol’ house and to bring whatever gear. I brought my lil’ Lapstick to show off, plus my Kirk Hammett Junior and Mesa Nomad.    Min has a room full of guitars and amps and we spent several hours all oohing and aahing over each other’s gear and jamming away and swapping licks. Totally my idea of good time.   I met Brandon and Christopher for the first time  and it was great to see that the standard of guitar playing was so high. Once again, I felt very humble.  I’ve been playing twice as long as these guys and in many ways, they are waaaay better than me.

Christopher playing Ken’s Tyler Studio Elite HD. Brandon with my Lapstick.


Min looking cool with the Lapstick. IMG_2057

Ken on Suhr S4 (Brandon’s). Min on Tyler, hamming it up for the camera with some cheeky extended tapping licks. Made us all laugh. The Tyler is going into Chris’s Divided By 13 amp with a Barber Atomic something distortion pedal; great sound. People unanimously lauded the Tyler as a great sounding guitar. Gonna bring mine next time.  Ken had also had his nicely setup by a local tech and I will be bringing mine along to have mine done the same way.


Min clowning around again on my Kirk Hammett Jnr.


Brandon shreds up on my KH Jnr. through my Mesa Nomad. Was nice to crank it up a bit.  I was very pleased with the way it sounded.


Me shredding on Brandon’s S4 through the Mesa. An awesome guitar, an awesome amp, what else can a guy want? (pic courtesy of Christopher’s Facebook :p). Looking at these pics, I couldn’t help but notice something – I hold the guitar at quite steep angle (about 45 degrees) from my body; you can see it in the acoustic pic lower down too.  I didn’t notice this before which shows how fecking un(in?)observant I am; probably explains why I can’t play standing up using a strap. 


Brandon shows me a cool lick that goes through Dmaj7, Emin7 and A maj arps with a high tapped note on each. Gotta work on that, but damn – he made it sound good.


Min and Ken’s Metal jam – Ken laid down a seriously thrash backing which he later confessed he didn’t know was in him and that it must have been the sound coming out of the Mesa (channel 3, extreme gain) that inspired him


Acoustic jam after BBQ on Min’s porch – Min is pretty good on that drum (taught himself off Youtube) and Ken is a great singer which he’s been keeping secret. This part of the day was very fun.


Me doing an Al Di Meola on Min’s Santa Cruz. Very nice guitar – similar in tone to my Martin actually.


All in all an enjoyable day out. Made some new friends, learned some new licks, tried some new gear, ate some great BBQ chicken. Ahhh…

Fund Raising for Mesa Mark V as of Feb 18

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Target: $3000 SGD

Raised: $1495 SGD


Jan 18: Sold Catalinbread Serrano Picoso – $135

Jan 18: Sold TC Nova Delay – $350

Jan 21: sold Vox 847 Wah – $70

Feb 10: sold Lego Star Was Star Destroyer – $140

Feb 16: sold Keeley Compressor – $280

Feb 17: sold Roland MicroCube RX – $320

Feb 18: sold Boss PS-5 Super Shifter – $200

Fund raising for Mesa Mark V as of Feb 17

Posted in Guitar Gear on February 18, 2009 by Staff Writer


Target: $3000 SGD

Raised: $975 SGD


Jan 18: Sold Catalinbread Serrano Picoso – $135

Jan 18: Sold TC Nova Delay – $350

Jan 21: sold Vox 847 Wah – $70

Feb 10: sold Lego Star Was Star Destroyer – $140

Feb 16: sold Keeley Compressor – $280

Bumblefoot – Abnormal

Posted in Shred Guitar on February 18, 2009 by Staff Writer

Actually I hate writing reviews, since I’m one of those people that usually abides by the maxim ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ which normally means I end up writing a three page essay going into immense detail which nobody will end up reading anyway. My boss has actually called me on the ‘verbosity’ of some of my emails saying ‘great detail, but frankly, the execs couldn’t give a fuck’ (though he uses more polite management-speke that includes buzzwords such as ‘dialoguing’, ‘proactivity’ and ‘interface’).

So – here’s my review of Bumblefoot’s – Abnormal album:

It’s awesome. You should buy it. Great hook-laden pop-punk songs, psycho-billy, metal ballads, Russian-influenced f*cked up pogos, all dripping with state-of-the art sick, sick, SICK shred guitar, blips, zings, squeaks and hyperspeed bloops.


Great store front…

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