MXR Carbon Copy is back and all good to go, but…

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Logging that my MXR M-169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay was returned to me last week all repaired free of charge by MXR in the U.S.. Quite a disappointing amount of time to turn this around though as it was a little over 4 months from the time I brought it back to the store for them to send in.

So: not sure if MXR deserves kudos or not; yes they repaired it for nothing, but what do you think? 4 months to fix a pedal under warranty and ship it back? WTF! What am I supposed to do for echo in the meantime (assuming I didn’t have any other delays such as my Boss DM-2)?


One Response to “MXR Carbon Copy is back and all good to go, but…”

  1. 4 months is very long! I feel so guilty that in order to salve my conscience I must reveal to the world that it was *me* who saw that MXR working propely for the last time. Only for a few seconds before it ceased doing anything more than a true bypass.

    Can I now borrow your Nomad for a few days? 😉

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