Still working on Rob to drop $3K on the Marcus Miller or Victor Bailey bass…

…not that he needs that much encouragement. He went to try them out over at Peninsular Plaza the other day and he had a bit of a hop and skip in his step when he came in the office to tell me about it.

Man, this guy is seriously resistant to the effects of GAS. He’s been eyeing thes two Fenders for over 6 months now and checking out all kinds of pricing online and offline etc. and figuring if he can get a good deal by shipping from elsewhere. He told me that he hasn’t bought a new bass for well over a decade and he only has about half a dozen of them. Having said that, he has gone a bit nuts on effects purchases and I’ve seen him dropping serious cash on almost the entire line of EBS pedals (making me the proud beneficiary of a newly orphaned Boss Super Octave) plus he bought the Boss Bass GT-10B multi-effects at Swee Lee’s most recent sale.

Bassists – they’re a completely different animal.


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