Lesson 21: iii | vi | ii | V variants

Plenty of stuff shown to me again last Sunday, what I managed to retain was this. For a vanilla flavoured iii | vi | ii | V | I progression, e.g. in the key of G: Bmin7 | E7 | Amin 7 | D7 | Gmaj7, firstly, let’s note that the vi chord that would normally be an Eminor7 has been ‘secondary dominant-ed’, i.e. made into an E7 leading to the A chord.

From there we can start doing some embellishment over those dom7 chords by adding in the b5, #5 and b9 and #9.  I’ll make a vid of some of these over the weekend.  Behind on my blogging as you can see; a full treatment of what I learned would take me about two hours to write up…

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