Bumblefoot – Abnormal

Actually I hate writing reviews, since I’m one of those people that usually abides by the maxim ‘if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ which normally means I end up writing a three page essay going into immense detail which nobody will end up reading anyway. My boss has actually called me on the ‘verbosity’ of some of my emails saying ‘great detail, but frankly, the execs couldn’t give a fuck’ (though he uses more polite management-speke that includes buzzwords such as ‘dialoguing’, ‘proactivity’ and ‘interface’).

So – here’s my review of Bumblefoot’s – Abnormal album:

It’s awesome. You should buy it. Great hook-laden pop-punk songs, psycho-billy, metal ballads, Russian-influenced f*cked up pogos, all dripping with state-of-the art sick, sick, SICK shred guitar, blips, zings, squeaks and hyperspeed bloops.



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