3M Dual Lock and latest pedalboard pic

A lot of people use Velcro. When I got my first Pedaltrain Junior, it came with a big roll of ‘industrial strength’ Velcro for attaching the pedals to the board. It did make me wonder exactly what industry do they mean? since I would hardly call the stuff that they supplied particularly strong. I’d lay out all my pedals, stick them to the board and after thrashing for half an hour would stick the board in the bag and prop it against the wall.

The next day, all the pedals would have sagged to the bottom of the bag in a big scratched up mess. Velcro, it seems, even that industrial kind (let’s presume it’s the florists industry or something lightweight) is not up to the job of holding several pounds of metal to a powder coated frame.

Enter 3M Dual Lock.

IMG_2134 IMG_2136

This stuff is the business. You will not find a stronger fastener out there (possible exception: permanent welding). It consists of strips of plastic with a self-adhesive side (and the muthafuckin’ glue they use on that is seriously fucking strong) and a rough side that consists of thousands of tiny plastic ‘mushrooms’ that interlock when pressed hard against more of itself.

The result is a bond so tight that you can pick up a whole loaded pedal board by one pedal and the Dual Lock will absolutely not come apart (I did this with my Jnr that had 10 pedals on it). The downside is, that when you want to pull the pedal off it is bastardly difficult, though I have developed a technique of pulling the pedal up at an angle from one side to get it off.

The stuff ain’t cheap either – SGD $5 (USD $3.50)for 10 cm of it (2 x strips) – enough to attach one pedal to the board. Fortunately I’m loaded.

Anyhoo, here’s my current pedal setup (probably good for about a week before I change it totally) on my newly acquired Pedaltrain Mini. The Metal Muff and DS-1 go into the amp input. The TU-2, Guyatone Chorus and Carbon Copy go into the effects loop.



5 Responses to “3M Dual Lock and latest pedalboard pic”

  1. hi, may i know what mod is the ds1? and how does it sound?

    • That’s actually got two mods – it has the Keeley SEM, and it has an extra mode called ‘switchblade’. Both were done by a guy here in Singapore. What does it sound like? It sounds exactly like Steve Vai’s tone on P&W. 🙂

  2. switchblade eh? thanks bro. 🙂

  3. @Sam – thanks, was looking to sort out all the types… 3m has about 30 of them

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