CF Martin IV spotted in Singapore

Down by One Fullerton sitting outside OverEasy drinking a cold glass of Erdinger beer, who should I spot but none other than CF Martin IV.  Well, I couldn’t be 100% sure, but it was either him or an evil doppelganger – I’m normally very good with faces, and this a pretty distinctive looking guy – curly red hair, moustache and I had only just seen him in a magazine yesterday morning (some partnership with Roland announcement at NAMM) so his image was fresh in my mind.

(Internet photo)


He was pushing a little girl around in a stroller while his wife traipsed after him as they looked for a restaurant.  One of my colleagues tried to call out ‘Mr Martin, Mr Martin’ to him, but he did not respond. Perhaps it wasn’t him, or he didn’t hear. 

Later I saw him back near our office building and got a good close up look. I’m 95% convinced it was him, though I had drunk 2 litres of beer by then.

In the meantime, while I was surfing the web to find a pic of him, I came across this pic of the stunning gorgeous Nancy Wilson from Heart (the thin sister) with a D-35.



2 Responses to “CF Martin IV spotted in Singapore”

  1. Yes that was Mr Chris Martin ..he was in Singapore and went on a cruise with his family.

    He was at his Singapore Dealer’s place Citimusic( Peace Center)…He dropped by to Guitar Gallery and I met Chris Martin there.

    Managed to take a picture with him and spent the next 15mins asking him loads of questions on Martin guitars…


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