Mic fail

(courtesy TheGearPage)



7 Responses to “Mic fail”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thats actually correct for recording. idiot.

  2. Really? Please explain.

  3. That is hilarious man!
    Printed it out and put it in my pratice room.

  4. To Anonymous, not sure I’d want to let you ever do any recording … why would micing up the amp head, instead of a speaker ever be correct for recording?!!! (no souns is coming out of the unit that is mic’ed up.)

  5. theotherguy Says:

    A little late to the game, but the picture was photoshopped. The stand holds 2 mics, one for the cabinet below (which was photoshopped out) and one for the Vox that sits on top of the cabinet (with that setup, the Marshall head does not sit on top of the cabinet). The head in this picture belonged to the opening band, who asked if they could use the cabinet and just swap out the Vox for their Marshall head. Rather than messing with the mics, both were left in place so that a quick swap of the head with the Vox would put everything in place ready to go. It looks pretty funny when you paint out the bottom mic.

  6. If you look on the left of the cabinet you can see the shadow of the bottom mic that was photoshopped out.

  7. Nedra Litza

    (courtesy TheGearPage)

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