Call me a simple guy…

…but I think I’ve realized that I have fairly simple gear needs. I want some great sounding core tones that are quick and easy to get, and I don’t seem to have the aptitude (nor burning desire) to want to spend hours and hours tweaking and twisting knobs on a relatively complex gadget to get a bunch of new sounds from it that are a 5% incremental in terms of personalization over what the presets have to offer.

Cases in point: the Eventide Harmonizer PitchFactor that I bought last week and sold yesterday, and the TC Electronic Nova Delay that I bought and sold last year.  Some great sounds inside these gadgets to be sure – these are awesome products with huge potential, but I just find the immediate gratification of my guitar into a distortion pedal into a delay and then into my amp so satisfying that I don’t need any more weirdness and/or wonderfulness on top of it. Alternatively, a simple clean with a bit of reverb and a decent wah pedal and I’m in tone heaven.  I don’t require quad-voice pitch shifting with individual tap tempo assignable delays that go forwards, backwards, up and down and left and right.

It  goes to show the ingenuity of the marketing of these folks where they can manipulate the GASeous urges of individuals to want to buy stuff that they don’t even know that they need. When will I ever learn? (answer: whoa – what the hell is that? I have to buy one of those…)

On the Eventide, well, yeah, I lost some money – about $10 on what I paid for it. Well, consider it as I rented a new bit of gear for a week, tried it, and then moved on.


3 Responses to “Call me a simple guy…”

  1. Hey there
    Great post , good info
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    if thats ok with you?

  2. raoulduke112 Says:

    Found this to be true for myself as I’ve got older – I no longer have time or patience for effects pedals… too many options, extra leads and it’s all extra stuff that could go wrong during a gig. If I find myself worrying about true bypass and buffers then I’ve really got too much time on my hands that could be better spent playing the thing !

    Coincidentally 2 of my favourite players – Malmsteen, Knopfler
    are give or take the odd volume / wah pedal, compressor not noted for effects usage (they also play Stratocasters …hmmm).

    However what do you reckon have been the most notable effects introduced in last 20 years though?
    I’d have to say the Digitech Whammy and the Line 6 DL-4 – these seem to turn up with alarming regularity on pro-players-who-use-effects boards…
    The Digitech Whammy (version 1 of course for the true devotees) I know of as the Rage Against The Machine box…

  3. Hi Raoul – welcome to the blog.

    That’s a good question – the DigiTech Whammy is definitely a good contender for a fairly revolutionary pedal introuduced in the last 20 years. I’ve never tried a DL4 myself but I have heard a lot of good things about them; these would, however, fall into ‘look a bit too complicated for my liking’ category.

    I think I’d probably say the Boss DD-3 is probably close up there – the first compact digital delay effect – I reckon that pretty much revolutionised the approach to delay effects for many.

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