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Current GAS afflictions

Posted in Guitar Gear on May 29, 2009 by Staff Writer

A Custom Classic Telecaster

Or, an SG Standard

Or, a Twin Reverb…




Yngwie on Swedish kids show

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Kinda nuts. Yngwie shows a bearded muppet and a stuffed elf in a pointed red hoodie how to shred.

Rainbow – Kill The King

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Spent about 20 minutes last night transcribing some of the riffs of this classic Rainbow number – a monster of a guitar track. Here is the copyright infringing (not bye me) YouTube version for your viewing/listening pleasure:

Ritchie’s Rainbow Riffs

Posted in Guitar General, Guitar Playing on May 28, 2009 by Staff Writer

Been listening to a lot of classic Rainbow recently – mostly Rising and Long Live Rock and Roll albums, plus a Best Of.. compilation that I have.  Man, Ritchie Blackmore was a total riffmeister and I have a new found appreciation for his guitar work and the catchy axe work on display.  Transcribed a couple of riffs for fun – Long Live Rock and Roll and Man on the Silver Mountain for starters and plan to do a whole bunch more.

Anyway, found this on YouTube – Ritchie Blackmore (with wife Candice Night) talks about his guitars, including his original Fender Strat and why he scalloped it and then how a repairman screwed it up later while refretting it:

Guitar-BQ short video

Posted in Guitar Gear, Heavy Metal, Shred Guitar on May 26, 2009 by Staff Writer

A short video from Min’s Saturday BBQ/Gear/Shred Fest.  Chris is up first and then I start playing from around 0:39 until the end. Both of us are using Brandon’s Suhr Modern into Ken’s Bogner Alchemist thru a THD 2×12.

Went to Swee Lee at Sims. Showroom is reorganized for the better

Posted in Guitar General on May 26, 2009 by Staff Writer

Popped into Swee Lee warehouse showroom at Sims Drive yesterday lunchtime just for a quick look-see. I must say the way the new layout is organized is much more customer friendly than before and less chaotic.

I tried out a couple of American Standard Stratocasters into a Fender Twin Reverb (which I am considering buying) which were surprisingly well priced with a current Swee Lee offer (less than $USD 1000) and proceeded to shred the heck out of them for the benefit of the two other customers in the store.  Tempting, but I have two Strats already, both of which are higher spec.  I think I will also pass on a buddy’s Clapton Strat too – no room at the Inn…

Took the Martin in for repair today

Posted in General whining, Guitar Gear on May 26, 2009 by Staff Writer

As reported, my HD-28 got a scratch last Saturday, causing untold sorrow and grieving for the past two days. I sought out Singapore’s most reputable luthier/repairman and went to see him.   Generally, he is against surface damage fixes and strongly urged me to reconsider having it touched up as he felt that the cost it would incur compared to the difference I would see would not be a great trade off. He urged me to try to live with the scratch and said that I would soon get used to it, but what to do? My baby has got a deep gouge the size of the Grand Canyon on it!

Actually the damage is not great – it’s about 2 inches in length with a deeper dink where the catch of the case hit it in the first instance, but what distracts me about it is the fact that in the playing position, when I look down I can see it there staring back at me – a zigzag white line. I am hoping that the luthier can patch and finish it so that it is less obvious; I don’t expect perfection but I will try anything. Collect next week.