Got a few of the good ol’ boys out last night…

As someone who dwells in a tiny condo shared with a wife and two young boys, I don’t have a ton of space in which to leave my guitars all out at the same time. Plus, I wouldn’t want to do this due to the risk of them being damaged by a stray toy being thrown, or just a random unprovoked toddler attack.

Instead, of my fifteen or so prized beauties, only two are out of their cases at any one time, meaning that I employ a kind of rotation to ensure that there is more equal usage time. It’s not super strict as I obviously have my favorites, but it does ensure that none of them are rotting away unused on top of the cupboard despite having cost several thousand dollars.

Last night was one of those rare occasions where I took out a whole bunch at once. I got my PRS Custom, 50th Anniversary Strat, Tyler Studio Elite HD, Yngwie Strat and Les Paul out all at the same time and flitted from guitar to guitar to decide which ones I would keep out for the next couple of weeks.  The 50th anniversary Strat exhibited some strong gravitational pull for a while with its buttery rounded edged neck, low action and spanky classic Fender sound, but I ended up sticking the Tyler on the stand because that one is going to need to go for a setup soon and is generally underplayed.


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