Ritchie’s Rainbow Riffs

Been listening to a lot of classic Rainbow recently – mostly Rising and Long Live Rock and Roll albums, plus a Best Of.. compilation that I have.  Man, Ritchie Blackmore was a total riffmeister and I have a new found appreciation for his guitar work and the catchy axe work on display.  Transcribed a couple of riffs for fun – Long Live Rock and Roll and Man on the Silver Mountain for starters and plan to do a whole bunch more.

Anyway, found this on YouTube – Ritchie Blackmore (with wife Candice Night) talks about his guitars, including his original Fender Strat and why he scalloped it and then how a repairman screwed it up later while refretting it:


3 Responses to “Ritchie’s Rainbow Riffs”

  1. i wish i could see him live. i’m indonesia so i guess that won’t happen.

  2. raoulduke Says:

    amazing player – seems he’s almost forgotten now … you mention him to the average 17 year old metal-head and they wouldn’t have a clue who you were talking about- not like Iommi or Page…

    never understand why players leave the strings unclipped on the headstock – it’s fu*cking dangerous… how long does it take to get a pair of clippers
    on ’em…

    that’s another great design feature of 50s/60s strats – you thread the string into the whole – there’s no stubby ends to have anyone’s eye out.. blimey – I sound like my grandad…

  3. raoulduke Says:

    the bogus nut thing on the headstock reminds me of Van Halen having an old strat pickup selector switch in the middle routing of his Frankenstrat… it did nothing – he just put it there to mess with people’s minds…

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