Current GAS afflictions

A Custom Classic Telecaster

Or, an SG Standard

Or, a Twin Reverb…




3 Responses to “Current GAS afflictions”

  1. raoulduke Says:

    A Twin Reverb in your home?!
    I’ve wondered the same for myself – but everytime I come up against the sheer weight of the thing, transporting it to gigs and most of the time having to run it on 1.5 on the volume dial…

  2. Gitbuddy Says:

    A good point… might consider something smaller… but the sound – even at low volume is so luscious…

  3. raoulduke Says:

    I once tried out a Pro Reverb – the smaller brother of the Twin Reverb –
    I couldn’t get it past 1.5 in the shop cos of the volume! I think Fender do something with the volume ratio so it’s kinda really loud stages initially and then past a certain point it’s smaller increments…

    Lots of people recommend a deluxe reverb as the Fender to have for clubs etc…when a Twin is too much but of course then you lose the whole bass and sheer quality of sound of the Twin.

    I still remember once standing in a shop with a guy demonstrating a full stack to me… I dunno how Hendrix did it… the sheer volume was amazing but deafening.

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