Martin is back…

…the setup is great. The guitar feels more zingy now and I think it won’t challenge my callouses so much.  The repair job to the surface scratch, while not concealing it completely does go some way to making it less obvious, which is probably the best I could have hoped for. Oh well.   Anyway, whatever patching has been done is extremely top notch – it is totally flush with the rest of the top finish and buffed to perfection – most of the little indents, apart from the largest dink have been smoothed off. You can still see the line beneath it, but it is not so white.  

I dropped off my Tom Anderson Atom for a setup and for the tech to have a check on the neck pickup which seems to be putting out little or no signal.  That guitar is a beaut, but the string tension and the action are a little high for me.  Hope to get that back later this week with a new lease of life.


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