Tiny man plays Flying V

He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mini Me. Oh wait – it’s a giant guitar…


3 Responses to “Tiny man plays Flying V”

  1. raoulduke Says:

    sorry to post off topic ..but have you got the new Guitarist magazine yet? the one with Derek Trucks on the front?

  2. Gitbuddy Says:

    No – not yet – didn’t know it was out.

  3. raoulduke Says:

    came out on Saturday in UK WHSmiths. Came with a DVD – Beginners Guide to Tone – pure landfill… did you know that if you play with a pick near the bridge you get a more treble sound?
    I was expecting more of a pro-secrets guide to setting the bass/middle/treble etc.. when playing in different situations with different guitars and amps…

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