Yep – I’m a Mark Knopfler fan…

Recently picked up most of the Dire Straits back catalogue as a result of a buddy of mine asking if I wanted to jam some of their songs. I know parts of most of the Brothers in Arms album, but very little of their older stuff so I went and bought them.

Wow – these albums are positively dripping with great guitar – much more than B.I.A. – Knopfler really stretches out on many of the tracks with his trademark fingerpicked licks.  These will keep me busy for a long time.

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4 Responses to “Yep – I’m a Mark Knopfler fan…”

  1. raoulduke Says:

    Telegraph Road – the guitar on that is just… incredible…

    I’m not keen on the Alchemy live version – but the recorded version is just brilliant.

  2. Gitbuddy Says:

    I’ve been listening to that a lot and will be learning to play some parts of it soon. I spent one evening working out a lot of parts of Private Investigations which is right up there in terms of my favourites…

  3. raoulduke Says:

    the acoustic guitar at the beginning of Telegraph Road is in open G tuning (like Romeo and Juliet). dunno if he is using a capo this time.

    to me it’s one of those songs that is a complete masterclass in using a particular effect ->the volume pedal – some of those swells…wow..! There’s one part where he just brings this note in… my fave part of the song.

    dunno what guitars he was using at the time – I think…maybe the Pensa Suhr Strat?

    (oh yeah – found out the other day on via his tech that Jeff Beck has a fave guitar he uses – and he’s had the pickups wound by Suhr a while back and doesn’t change ’em – they are over-wound single coils – double the strength of normal single coils – so they are more like a humbucker in output… so people see Jeck Beck and think ahh..he’s using a Strat/single coils – why doesn’t mine sound like that thru a Marshall… and they don’t know he has the “hot” single coils… I dunno if his signature Fender was ever made like that either!)

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