A bit of DIY neck adjustment

I’ve always been a bit scared of doing truss rod adjustments myself thinking that this was one thing best left to the professionals with their fancy tools and straight edges. I’d always figured that this was something that could easily go pear-shaped and throw a lot of other things out of kilter such as the action and intonation.

Anyway – my Kirk Hammett Junior was starting to buzz a bit in the first fret position and up most of the B string (I think the boys had been kicking it repeatedly while trying to climb into a little playhouse they had built beneath my study table) so I decided to give it a bit of a tweak myself. Sighting from the bridge end I could see that the neck was much too flat.

With trepidation I located the Allen key, removed the truss rod cover and started turning, going the wrong way at first. I went in the opposite direction and for a while, got a bit worried, since there was a point for a few turns where the rod offered no resistance which made me wonder whether it had run out of thread or something. Luckily I felt the key reengage and it started pulling the neck into relief after a couple of turns. A quick tweak of the bridge height and now the guitar plays nicely again – I can pluck quite hard and get decent volume, but it still has a fast slinky feel to it.


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