DANGER: Unexploded Guitar World 2010 Buyer’s Guide

Picked up the Guitar World 2010 Buyer’s Guide from the newsstand today, which doesn’t bode well for my bank account.

Clearly, the Global Economic Downturn is in effect here though: Gibson only has two guitars on display in the magazine;  I think in previous years they paid to place as many as 13-15 in there. Fender still going strong though with 12 models on show including three very nice signature models – the Dave Murray, EJ and Ritchie Blackmore Strats. Uh-oh – one of those looks to be gravitating towards me (or me towards it) but do I really need another Strat? Hmm… what have ‘needs’ got to do with the price of fish? Another area where the magazine has been hit by the recession is in the ‘hot’ models which used to be one of the highlights. In the past we’ve had serious hotties such as Tera Patrick, Bridget Marquadt, Carmen Electra, etc. Ok – I wouldn’t exactly classify the latest ones as dogs, but come on – the one on the left looks like Kira the Gelfling from the movie Dark Crystal. Surely Tolinkski and friends could have paid a bit more than that… a tad disappointing.

Some unknown (and presumably cheaper) models:

Kira (left), the guy Gelfling and Fizzgig.

Oh, and guys, the mag has had the same design and layout for the past (what seems like) 10 years. Maybe time to engage a new DP vendor?


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