New and old ampage

Now that we have signed a lease for some workspace for our top secret project (details to be announced soon) this gives me a bit more room to spread some gear around. Of course, we need some of this stuff ostensibly for testing purposes but there’s an element of self-indulgence involved here too.

So latest additions are a THD 2×12 cab I picked up from Min, that brings my THD Univalve out of retirement (and now off the ‘for sale’ list). I’m actually very glad that I didn’t get any buyers for this amp as I’m now convinced that it sounds killer. It’s overdriven sound is quite compressed and smooth and when I play it with a Crybaby or the Bad Horsie there are some nice elastic lead sounds on there with tons of sustain and gobs of tone.

Second, which I picked up last Saturday, quite on impulse, is the Mesa Lonestar Classic on the left. It’s pre-owned too and needs a bit of a clean up but it’s in great shape and the clean sounds are amazing – shimmering and warm in equal measure and infinitely tweakable in-between, I have been addicted to the sound of this for the past three days.  It does have a problem with the reverb on Channel 2 and I managed to barter down the price quite substantially from the buyer because of this; currently looking for remedies but not super bothered about it – this amp will be used purely in the workshop and I will not likely need two clean setup channels for switching between at a moment’s notice, plus I probably won’t want to use reverb on a dirty sound. Overall, happy with this buy.

That’s a US Standard Strat in the corner.



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  1. […] was whining about boutique pedal prices, but after hearing Andy Timmons play one of these into his Lonestar Classic (avid readers will remember I have one of those) I just had to try it. Turns out it sounded pretty […]

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