Utterly unscientific and kinda lazily written-up distortion pedal shootout

Tried a few of my distortion pedals out into the front of my new Lonestar.

Fulltone OCD V3

Didn’t sound quite as awesome as I was hoping though this used to be one of my favorites. Not enough distortion for my liking and the HP/LP switch didn’t do much. Ok for a heavy bluesy sound.

Boss DS-1 with Randolph ‘Switchblade’ mod

Nice muscular sound for very chunky riffing. Has a smooth singing lead sound with tons of sustain. Suits rock/metal well. Worth the money to get a standard DS-1 and pass it over to him. Better than the Keeley. Look here for more info.

Electro Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff

Randy Rhoads in a box – seriously. Using my Ibanez S this got very close to the guitar sound you’ll hear on Ozzy’s “Tribute” album. Whacked out a few bars of Crazy Train, then played some Rhoads style pentatonics and neo-classical shred licks. Amazing sounds for not a lot.

Digitech Death Metal

Sadly “wasps in a tin can” sounding. Even rolling of a lot of the high end didn’t calm it down. At the lower end of the spectrum it’s hard to get it to be tight sounding without it getting way too bassy. I got much better results with the DS-1’s lower distortion but EQing on the amp.


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