Analog Delay pedal Battle Royale – the winner is…

Was in need of a decent analog delay for Site B to go in the FX loop of my Lonestar. the ring were:

  • Brian Wampler AnalogEcho (SGD $300)
  • Biyang Analog Delay (SGD $100)
  • ModTone Vintage Analog Delay ($120)

The kind gentlemen in Standard Value Guitars was most accommodating and put the pedals in series for me to A/B them (or A/B/C them – guffaw) to my heart’s content, so I spent a fair bit of time doing direct comparisons of sound.  I  plumped for the ModTone in the end. Honestly, I could not notice a sonic improvement of the Wampler that was worth $200; in fact, it didn’t sound as if it had any distinguishing sonic characteristics at all – sure it’s hand built and probably uses much better grade components and has another knob, but I’ve got beyond paying $300 for one pedal these days unless it really sounds wow.

The Biyang was OK too – decent enough sound, but I didn’t  like its size which was about half as big again as the ModTone.

So here it is in its Opening Of Box Experience glory. A very nice box I might add. No, the box doesn’t affect the tone, but it’s nice just the same. Made in China. Sounds great. Looks great. Great value. Considering buying more from their range.

IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3058 IMG_3059


2 Responses to “Analog Delay pedal Battle Royale – the winner is…”

  1. U still using this delay pedal , bro?
    I’m looking a decent sounding and budget price analog delay

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