Dropped a few bucks on these yesterday…

Went in to Blackwood to put a down payment on some kit which I’m getting ordered from the U.S. – more on this later. I stayed a while and played several nice guitars – including a Custom Classic Strat (lovely except not sure about the Dolphin Blue) and a James Trussart Steelcaster Deluxe which used to belong to a friend of mine. Wow – both these guitars sounded great through the Carr Mercury and I admit I rushed home later to scour the Web for Trussart deals.  I have set my mind on getting a Steelcaster in Antique Copper finish at some point in the future [would that be a Coppercaster?].

Anyway, I digress.

I bought these:

Xotic Effects BB Preamap. Yeah, yeah, I know just a couple of posts ago I was whining about boutique pedal prices, but after hearing Andy Timmons play one of these into his Lonestar Classic (avid readers will remember I have one of those) I just had to try it. Turns out it sounded pretty nice, so I put that on the pile.


Next up was this Boss DD-7 (both pedals are new). I wanted a stereo delay and this fit the bill. It sounds killer too, plus the box is a natty cool shade of blue which is always exciting. Yes, sometimes what a box looks like can affect my buying decision; call me shallow.


Now they’re at home, in their boxes, on my shelf awaiting transport to Site B.

Thanks to Norman at Blackwood for his patience with me as always (hi Norman!).


One Response to “Dropped a few bucks on these yesterday…”

  1. When it comes to delay I would go with the Nova Delay. That is where it is at.

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