New Guitar Day – Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Telecaster

Here it is – my new Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Telecaster. Aged Cherry Sunburst. Beautiful in every way, except sadly it arrived with a broken selector switch tip. I have written to them for a replacement, but no big deal.  Additionally, I find it puzzling that the guitar is in this colour. According to the Fender website, they never made a CC Tele in this colour, but then again, it is a Custom Shop – anything is possible. Further, the CC specs state that the control panel should be reversed, with the selector switch towards the input jack. Do I have the equivalent of a Penny Red with the Queen’s head printed back to front? I emailed the Custom Shop guys – let’s see what they say.

IMG_3191 IMG_3192 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3198  IMG_3202 IMG_3203IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3201


3 Responses to “New Guitar Day – Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Telecaster”

  1. Wow that is a beauty. Hopefully the custom shop gets you all straightened out, but none the less nice rig.

  2. […] My Custom Classic Telecaster, which I’ve had for about 5 months got rotated into the closet at the weekend. Since I live in a […]

  3. this post was very informative, i will subscribe to your list, thx

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