Lesson 31: GFI Bridge

Chord progression of the Jobim original for 16 bar bridge:

| Dmaj7   |          |  G7(9)    |         |

| Dm9      |          | Bb7(9)   |         |

| Ebm9    |           |B7(9)       |         |

|Fm7       |  Bb7b5 | Ebm7    |   A7b5  |


Approach Master showed me, based on Pat Martino ‘reduce to Minor’ method:

  • Bar 1/2 Dmaj7, play Bminor (key D major)
  • Bar 3, 4, 5, 6, over the G7 and the Dm, think D minor (when he says ‘minor’ he usually means Dorian’), so playing in C major.
  • Over Bars 7/8, Bb7, think Fminor (Bb7 is the V in ii V I of Eb), so key is Eb maj
  • Bars 9/10 over Ebm9, think Eb minor as ii chord of Db, so key is Db maj
  • Bars 11/12 over B7, think F#m (ii in ii V I of E maj) so key is Emaj
  • Bars 13, 14, 15, 16 – this is a iii vi ii V in key of Db – home key of Db

So we are moving keys from D, thru C, Eb, Db, E and back to Db. Phew!  Great – so I’m learning a whole bunch of weird keys which is good. Spent some time jamming over this progression last night, just getting used to the switching of keys and getting the notes under my fingers, trying to overlay the melody on to the chords, and sticking various arpeggio shapes over each chord.  Now I need to think more in terms of the minor, plus the chord.  I’m sure there are many other approaches, but this one sounds natural to me.


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