Futzing with Mesa/Boogie Mark V last night

The boys went to bed early (good!) but they are light sleepers (bad!) so while I got a chance to sit down in front of my new Mesa Engineering Mark Five combo, I did so with it on rather quietly. It’s kinda hard to really appreciate the Electric Guitar and associated ampage at late night babies-asleep-in-the-next-room volume, but nevertheless I used this time to get more to grips with its features.

One feature I like is the EQ function which can be preset per channel, or use the slider positions. In addition, you can assign per channel again, EQ always on, always off, or by the footswitch control. This is great. Further (phew) you can set the preset depth per channel. All cool.  Another thing I like is the Mute button that turns off the speaker – I think this is a great addition.

Anyway, sounds wise, I spent a fair bit of time playing around Channel 3 and the Mark IV setting. One thing I noticed on this channel is that I can really get pinch harmonics to jump out. Even with my fat handed technique, these squealies sound awesome – fat rich and singing without being piercing. I did not notice a difference between full power and Variac mode however, but perhaps I would at higher volume next time.

Some of the Mark V sounds have a lot in common with my former Nomad I think, but with a greater degree of control.


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