Lesson 32: Various

We talked a lot about modes of the Melodic Minor during this lesson as I brought along my Mark Levine Jazz Theory Book to ask Master for some clarification. Specifically I was trying to understand the harmonization of each scale degree in the ascending Melodic Minor and why we ended up (in C) with chords such as Dmin7b9 (instead of Dm) this and Emaj7#5 that. This digression highlighted some weird properties of the Melodic Minor. Example – when harmonizing the Altered Scale (Super Locrian or 7th mode of the MM) you end up using the 1st and 4th and not the first and 3rd as in ‘normal’ harmony, i.e. you skip the b9 and #9.  still trying to understand this.

Following on from this, we jammed to a progression with the following MM-derived chords and playing C Melodic Minor lines over it. Groovy.


Master also showed me basic chords to Summertime and we will delve into this at our next lesson.


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