Yngwie AWOL from DiMarzio site… hmm…

I’m the proud owner of an Yngwie Malmsteen Signature guitar cable, plus some other normal DiMarzio cables. I love them. I like the cloth braid instead of some nasty rubbber. Yes – I’m shallow – I’ll buy virtually anything with Yngwie’s name on it except the dumb DOD overdrive which I bet he doesn’t even use.   Anyway, being a fan of DiMarzio cables I went to the site to see what they had that I could get to connect some stuff to my Boogie’s effect loop.  Under the instruments section, I noticed that John5 has a new sig cable; cool. But Yngwie’s was no longer there. Further, he’s not under the Featured Players list (despite being the top proponent of the HS-3 pickup) and his name isn’t even in the full list of players.  Have Larry and Yng fallen out?


6 Responses to “Yngwie AWOL from DiMarzio site… hmm…”

  1. Haha, it’s kinda funny that you would buy the cables just for the guy’s name, but hey, I can’t blame you. I’ll buy anything for the sake of my idols too. haha

  2. They do signature cables now ?!!? when did this happen!?
    and could you really tell the difference between 2 different types in the Pepsi test!?

    By the way love the site and your musings on general guitar culture –
    your comment about the DOD overdrive pedal he uses has had me thinking all day about endorsements…
    basically I have no reason to doubt that Yngwie uses that pedal to drive his non-Master Volume early Marshalls to get that creamy lead sound… (he’s said in previous interviews that he tried every pedal out at the time trying to get the right lead sound but nothing was working until a shop guy gave him the DOD pedal to try…)
    however is Joe Guitar player gonna get that Yngwie sound when he takes that pedal and uses it with say Brand X guitar amp? Probably not even close…
    since the conditions under which Yngwie is using that pedal is something that 95% of us ordinary mortals will never be able to simulate…namely crushing “these guys are 11” volume from non-master volume vintage Marshalls in large rooms…
    is it right to say Joe Guitar player will sound like Yngwie if they have this pedal… ?

    • Then again I’ve seen Yngwie on a Guitarist magazine vid where he’s playing The Duck strat thru a POD and … it sounds like Yngwie…!

  3. Hey Raoul – welcome back. 🙂

    I saw a vid of Yngwie shredding in Denmark St. London on his sig guitar but through some crappy little solid state amp – still sounded like him.


  4. Is that the one where Yygwie tries to talk the guy down a couple of grand from the price and then slings the case in the back of the car after !? Quite funny … must be nice to walk into a guitar shop and splurge thousands on a guitar and not even think about it!

  5. Yes – that’s exactly the one! 🙂

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