Have Lapstick will travel – Seattle

Visiting Seattle. Brought along my Lapstick for this trip Stateside (L.A. on Sunday) and managed to get a couple of hours of solid practice in before my jetlag kicked in last night. Worked on my tapping and some exercises in the latest Guitar Techniques (the final part in Martin Goulding’s series).  I think I’m getting quite good at it now and have moved beyond the exercises. I’ve applied some of the tapping licks over the opening chords of the first prelude from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier and am beginning to get it under my fingers.

Forgot to report, Pepijn from Lapstick called me up just a couple of days before my trip and offered to replace some of my hardware (specifically the tuning knobs) on the guitar with ones that they felt were better and had more grip than the ones already there. Awesome – I’m very happy with them as when changing strings and tuning up to pitch it was previously quite fiddly (and could make your fingers a little sore!) to do. Now it’s a dream – thanks Pepijn!

In other news, I picked up a copy of Premier Guitar magazine which I’ve never seen before. It’s a quality magazine and here’s hoping we get it in Singapore or I may have to subscribe. Hmmm… that means choosing it instead of Guitar Player which I get for only $5 SGD an issue… am I ready to do that?


5 Responses to “Have Lapstick will travel – Seattle”

  1. I read a couple of issues of Premier Guitar once in Borders…
    I wasn’t knocked out by it apart from this one guy in the mag who had a column discussing gear secrets he’d found – he did a piece on the Boss Blues Driver (the blue pedal one) and it was interesting to hear him discuss it’s merits and how to use it correctly –
    (I notice for a little while Eric Clapton had one on his board – now gone I think).

    Guitar Player mag – it’s a slog to get to the interesting info in it – too much on unknown / obscure guitarists… gear reviews are decent though.

    The best guitar mag of the lot has been discontinued – Guitar One was superb…

  2. Gotta say – you ever considered just taking a Baby Taylor in a case on your trips? No leads, amp needed – simple basic set-up?

  3. For me the best “musician” magazine out there is Modern Drummer – really
    well produced – gets the big names, interesting features etc…
    When you get people like Stewart Copeland name-checking you in Police reunion rehearsals you know you are doing something right…

    I also like Performing Musician (dunno if you can get it outside of Britain) – they tend to do interviews with the session guys, roadies who go out on tour with the big names so you get the REAL gen on what they are really using…
    they had a feature with Dave Grohl’s tech and it almost made me go and buy a Mesa Boogie RoadKing…

  4. German Meza Says:

    Good choice of lapstick, small and easy to carry, i tried the travel pro, good guitar but after 50 times of other passengers jamming their luggage on the guitar, i would lose patience. I didnt want to get kicked off the plane. regular guitars get frowned upon, good for once in a while, but i travel each week. Stewart fold away is excellent too. under seat storage. I love it for 4 or 5 day travel, on overnight stays, the guitar might get ignored when i work 16 hours that day. My lapstick will arrive soon and I will know more about it.

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