All change

My Custom Classic Telecaster, which I’ve had for about 5 months got rotated into the closet at the weekend. Since I live in a shoebox Condo, there’s no space to have all my guitars out at once – at least if I don’t want them all damaged by my two tiny terrors tearing through the territory (my sons – 5 and 3 years old), so this means rotation in and out of cases.

5 months in with this guitar, I must say I’m highly enamored with it. I put some lighter strings on it than those it came with (10s to 9s) and I just find it a great player. Minor gripe with the overall Tele design is the lack of body contour, but that’s part of the territory. Love this guitar – its looks and sound.

Anyway, out from the closet came my Martin HD-28 and Ibanez Pat Metheny – both giving my calluses a serious run for their money. Managed to get about 3 hours of fairly solid (and uninterrupted) practice in over the weekend, which makes a change.

My Martin sounds amazing – I love this guitar even more since it was setup by Malcolm and add to the mix the fact that I’ve been playing my Classical a bit more recently (that guy needs a setup actually) and have some fingernails to play with, it sounds bright and sparkly where appropriate, plus it has a nicely balanced growl in the low end. Oh yeah. I gotta work hard on my fingerpicking technique to get a bit more volume out of it though.


2 Responses to “All change”

  1. raoulduke112 Says:

    You’ve had the Pat Metheny in the closet all this time !?
    seems a shame.

    Gotta say you’ll be back to those 10s on the telecaster…

    myself – i’ve just sold my Baja telecaster – nice though it was my Fender custom shop relic 60 relic strat just obliterates it – not just in overall tone / quality but strats are just more comfy to play – that contour doesnt half make a difference on the right lower arm

    BUT I found the tele had the more easily useable rhythm tone straight out the box…

    These days my Takamine acoustic get’s the most play – there’s something so easy about just picking one up and not having to flick switches and plug in leads etc…

  2. There was a juicy Baja deal going for $1k around here. Would anyone fumble with the switching options?

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