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It’s John Sykes. No wait – it looks like John Sykes. Is that John Sykes? I coulda sworn that was John Sykes.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2010 by Staff Writer

…no it isn’t, but it’s a dude who’s doing his darndest to *be* John Sykes. His name is Justin Derrico. He’s a pretty amazing player and I think you’ll agree that not only does he look like John Sykes, he has a scarily similar playing style, right down to his note choice and fast right hand picking style, plus the ‘I’m cumming’ guitar-face.





Great song. Great cover, great guitar playing. Great vocals from Pink. Solo begins at 3:18. Blonde wavy hair: check. Les Paul: Check. Cheekbones: Check.

Right – now here’s the real deal. Is that Justin or John?