14 months and still waiting…

Well, what exactly is a reasonable period of time to wait for a guitar? Even a dream guitar?  In July 2010, I placed an order with a respected U.S. online retailer for a guitar and put down a $500 deposit. I guess I’d better not let out who exactly this is with and what model it is, but let’s just say it couldn’t be a bigger name in guitar making and leave it at that.

I’ve lusted after one of these guitars since I was 15 and finally, 25 years after I picked up the instrument decided that I was going to order one new as a 40th birthday present to myself.

To cut a long story short, they (the manufacturer) told my dealer that the guitar would arrive in a couple of weeks. This seemed reasonable and I was very happy.  The end of the month arrived and no guitar. The manufacturer eventually reverted saying the delivery was now set for October presumably (since they did not specify a reason) because since these were built by their Custom Shop they had to batch a few orders up to get economy of scale while building or something. Slightly annoying, but OK. I’d waited 25 years, what was 3 more months.

October came and went. No word from the manufacturer, sincere apologies from my dealer and many chasers on their side to the company.

*Eventually*, just prior to Christmas 2010, the manufacturer came back with a firm date of the first week of January. OK. Pissed as I was, I had already waited almost 6 months. A date was set and all I had to do was wait for my dealer to take delivery before paying my balance.

Nope. Come January, no guitar. A few back and forths with the dealer and eventually a response from the manufacturer resulted in a delivery date being set, with a half page excuse of ‘oh we are waiting on parts to be delivered from Memphis (did that give it away at all?) and yours is coming up soon – please wait, we’re sure you’ll be delighted.’

May became June, June became July, July became August (ooh – they did say ‘August definitely’ sometime in there). Well, it’s now September 2011. My dealer, who in fairness has tried their best to chase on my behalf is caught between me, the eager buyer, and the somewhat laggardy manufacturer who is letting the whole side down; they (the dealer) have been awesome throughout and have offered a couple of times to refund my deposit (against their normal policy) but I have so far declined reasoning that this might be my last chance to get one, and am secretly hoping a miracle email appears each day saying ‘FUCK – YOUR GUITAR IS FINALLY HERE!’, but I mean Jesus HENRY – this is one of the biGgest names in guitar making and they can’t get a guitar built to order within a year of taking it? It’s not as if it has two necks is it? Oh… wait… yeah – it does. Or at least it should have if it ever makes it to my house.


One Response to “14 months and still waiting…”

  1. Man you’ve been gone for so long!

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