Can’t get no satisfaction…

…from all this digital stuff and DAWs and plug-ins and all that. I’m sure they have their place, but sonically, at least the setup I have, the sound isn’t inspiring me. There’s too much fiddling and config and it just seems so sterile.

I installed Reaper x64 on an HP Notebook. It’s a pretty powerful machine – Core 2 Duo – not exactly a netbook. I use this machine for a bunch of things, so I won’t count the cost of it.  I bought Addictive Drums for laying down backing drum tracks which I gotta admit is some great sounding kit – that was $200. Then I splashed $300 on Amplitube 3. As an interface, I bought a Line6 GX thing for $150 that goes in via USB and comes with POD Farm software.

God the tones are horrible. And the sound is laggy. It doesn’t seem to pick up any of the natural sonics of the guitar. Everything sounds so trebly and compressed. The cab and mic sims don’t seem to do anything useful to give you that feeling of air moving. Maybe I just haven’t got the patience.

Then, I plugged in my guitar into my Mesa Mark V, pressed it onto channel two and I have instant gratification. It’s all about the air moving baby. The problem is, how do I get that sound into my computer? And why can’t the fricking computer make that sound?

I guess I just don’t have the patience for recording. And I hate wearing fricking headphones. Am I really gonna splash out on some monitors now? Oh no…


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