Went gear hunting today

I did a bit of rooting around the internet – you know, how you do when you have some NSG (non-specific-GAS) and had come across 4 or 5 different guitars that I had it in my head to try out. Went to Swee Lee at Bras Basah, had a look around, but didn’t really see much of interest. Then I went to their Sims Drive outlet and mooched around there for over an hour.

I tried out a bunch of guitars – a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS (amber w/RW) which was ‘ok’ but the humbucking pickup wasn’t high enough output and to be honest, the Amber finish doesn’t turn me on – it looks like a badly varnished wooden chair kind of finish. Still – price was fairly decent.  After that, I played a $15,000 Don Felder limited edition Gibson EDS-1275. It was quite fun – it was actually quite easy to play sitting down but there was no way I was gonna spend that kind of money on a relic’ed axe (I think relics are dumb). Plus, the necks were really fat – much fatter than I prefer, and finally, well, I want the heritage cherry one – like Jimmy Page has.

I played a bunch of other stuff and finally ended up buying a bunch of assorted picks:


Must have been some kind of special offer – since I bought so many picks, they also threw this little thing in for free ; )



One Response to “Went gear hunting today”

  1. You are such a funny guy. Let me know the next time you go gear-hunting, I will join you and maybe I can get you lesser picks before it comes with a guitar 🙂

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