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What starts with ‘Y’ and is F*****G LOUD?

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A brand new Marshall Yngwie J Malmsteen Signature 100 Watt head which I have installed at Site B – that’s what. Yes – I know that’s my EVH Wolfgang guitar plugged into it and not my Fender YJM Signature Strat. Yes  I also know that that’s a generic orange braid DiMarzio cable and not my DiMarzio YJM Signature red braid cable. And, yes – well, you probably can’t tell in the picture but those picks on top of the amp are not Yngwie’s signature picks, but are in fact Jim Dunlop 3mm Stubby ones which I use. I mean come on, if I used all the stuff together, people might start accusing me of being a YJM fanboy… the very thought of it!


I’ve always wanted a really good Marshall tube head having owned at least three solid state combos of theirs over the past 20 years and to be honest, looking back, they all never sounded very good.

This thing sounds fabulous though: while I have yet to discover the real rib-shaking low mid-range growl of the Lonestar’s dirty channel (hiding sadly at the back of the picture while New Kid On The Block is given its initiation rites) it has a singing sustaining lead sound that just drips – nay – *bleeds* raw valve tone. Coupled with the 4×12 and it’s just a monstrous setup. Turning the attenuator lower (i.e. clockwise to give less attenuation and let the amp be louder) has the walls shaking at only around 10 watts power (both channel masters fairly high) and I have no idea how someone would be able to even approach the amp to turn the thing all the way up to ‘10’ without being killed by the sheer volume of the thing – it’s insanely loud! Getting to halfway attenuation and my eardrums were seriously protesting – perhaps some kind of remote control would be useful so I could turn the volume up and down from like 500 feet away in a concrete shelter – I’d love to do this just to see how awesome it sounds at that level but I’m too friggin’ scared!

More on this amp and its gizmos next time, but I’m really happy with this buy. To help it all along, the price I got it for was stupidly low – lower than any US (expected cos of high shipping for heavy stuff) or UK (not expected since they are made there, but hey – ‘Rip Off Britain’) online retailer by like SGD $1000. With the cab, new, I got the whole lot for less than SGD $3000. This certainly helped prevent any post purchase dissonance and upon unboxing and plugging it in and hitting those first few chords – god – what an insanely good buy. Original Marshall Plexi sounds, mod cons (without stupid unnecessary juvenile shit that a lot of Marshalls have), pucker price. Sorted.


When you gotta strum, you gotta strum…

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