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Just ordered an Analogman Sun Face

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Saw an Eric Johnson video, heard his Fuzz Face tone, went on the web, saw that the Sun Face is held in high regard as a classic FF homage (better than modern reissure FFs), went to a couple of stores downtown, saw prices were horrible, went to do a bit more research, discovered can buy direct from Analogman and tailor your options, read up a bit more, watched some A/B demos by Gearmanndude, decided to go for: side jacks, NKT Red Dot germanium transistors, green Led, Sun Face bias control, power jack, pressed ‘buy’.

Takes a bout a week apparently.   Amazing how easily they can take your money from you.


Swee Lee management change heralds new pricing strategy (apparently)

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A couple of weeks back I went to the Swee Lee sale at Sims Drive. They were doing one of their usual 50% off sales where the price, if not marked as ‘nett’ is 50% of whatever the list price showing on the ticket is for the day.  Well, this all sounds hunky dory and you *can* get the odd bargain (like my Warwick bass last time) but by and large, the list prices are much, much higher than you could find than say, in the United States.

Here’s an example – a Fender MIM Deluxe Player’s Strat was listing in the store for about SGD $2500 (1 USD = 1.25 SGD), so after the discount would be $1250 SGD. A quick check on Sweetwater shows their price of $599 USD which equates to about $750 SGD – nearly half of the *sale* price of Swee Lee.   I went back a subsequent non-sale day and asked how much discount they would give and they said 20% off. Therefore it would usually be selling for SGD $2000!!! – almost three times the US online year-round price. Ok – granted, I would have to pay shipping – let’s say $200 SGD and a bit of GST so this would take my price to about $950 SGD if I ordered from the US, plus I wouldn’t be able to try the actual guitar – fair enough, but that’s a big difference amigos…

Anyhoo, I was down at Bras Basah last week and wandered into Swee Lee’s main town showroom and lo – there was a Deluxe Player’s Strat (transparent blue – the one I like) front and center on the main display and it had a price ticket that said ‘$950 nett.’.   I picked it up and gave it a quick strum and about 10 seconds later, a helpful lady came up to me and volunteered the information that this was a guitar that had just arrived, that Swee Lee was under new management and that they had changed their pricing strategy as they no longer felt it fair that people had to pay so much more than the prices they could find online.  I think she must have seen me goggling in disbelief that the price ticket was showing something remotely fair and felt that she had to preempt my questions.   I asked her what reference sites they used and she said ‘the big US ones’ which I assume are Musicians Friend, Sweetware, Music123 and so forth. 

Still, their showroom price is $200 SGD more than the US online price, but I think I can live with that. After all, a showroom has operational costs and I can actually try the guitar, plus despite what anyone else says, I think their staff are always very helpful to me. Then there’s the fact that there’s no hassle shipping the thing over, wrestling with Vpost and not having the risk of having to return it at great expense if something is amiss amongst other things.

I liked what she said, but I can’t help but think that there is a backstory that the management are telling themselves that goes something like ‘we’re losing customers, people aren’t dumb and know how much they can get this stuff online for, and we only seem to get a revenue spike when we do a 50% off sale which is no way to have a run rate business, and even then the prices we can give are much higher and it’s basically unsustainable. We can no longer afford to be greedy (as there is a whole bunch of competition around us) and if we go this way with a strategy that isn’t  screwing-the-customer-led, perhaps we could have a sustainable and predictable business all year round in which everybody’s happy.’

Well, if there is or there isn’t, $950 SGD is darn attractive price now for that Strat, and this could be the beginning of a new relationship between Swee Lee and the musicians of Singapore.  I for one and am very happy and I’m sure I will be unloading a ton of cash in the place in the near future.

I want to add that over the past 9 years I think I’ve bought around 5 guitars from them plus a whole bunch of other stuff and looking back at some of those purchases I did feel “jeez – that was expensive compared to ..<insert other store/country etc.>" but then, you know what it’s like, when you’ve got the GAS, the money is burning a hole in your pocket, and they are there to take it from you – nobody’s forcing you to pay their old prices…

A guitar store in Vietnam

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Grainy camera phone picture of a guitar store (and curiously, also with chess and checker sets for sale) I saw while passing in Hanoi, Vietnam yesterday as I am here on business. This store was not far from Hoan Kiem lake. I went in and all the guitars are brandless/nameless and I presume locally made. I did not ask the prices nor try any of them as there were two Australian school kids in there trying to bargain for a little guitar with a tiny old lady and I don’t think the conversation went their way as they left a few seconds later.

All the instruments are acoustic including a couple of little mandolins that look no worse than those Fender beginner ones made in China.  There was a bunch of nylon strings round the back that were somewhere between a parlour and a dreadnought in size and they were packaged in crumpled paper sacks.

A far cry from the glitzy showrooms with the latest Fender Custom shops in the window and Marshall stacks (I am sure Vietnam has one or two of these itself but I haven’t stumbled upon any yet), but nevertheless it’s always interesting to see these corners of far flung places.


Bad karma

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Well, I knew as soon as I’d hit ‘publish’ that disparaging someone else’s guitar playing was going to come back round to me. On the internet this usually manifests as others with opposing views to your own leaving lots of swearing comments and calling me a fag, but since this blog is almost entirely undiscovered that would be a vain hope.

Instead, while trying to do some sound clips of the new little Marshall last week using my phone the resulting recordings were so horrible that I was half thinking ‘god – I’ve been playing for a quarter of a century and I’m *still* rubbish’ which was kind of depressing and did get me thinking a bit for a few days.  Whatever it was that I played was some uninspired pentatonic noodling with out of tune bends and horrible tone as a result of the phone mic which didn’t capture any of the moving air and just made my playing sound even worse. I felt terrible.

Anyway, the funk soon passed. You often see some of these threads on TGP and other places about players stuck in ruts and that’s how I felt at the time and I read a few of those; nice to read the words of total strangers supporting others they’d never met and I felt a little better. I later dug out some of my books such as The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick and The Guitarist’s Guide to Composing and Improvising by Jon Damian for a bit of inspiration.

A couple of days later, I plugged in and felt much better about what I played – it was much closer to what I aspire to.  Why can’t I do that when the record button is on though? And how come I can never get a camera, video or phone cam to capture what the sound is like in my ears of the guitar coming through the amp…

…or are you just pleased to see me?

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More shots of JCM1

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Some back and front shots of new JCM 800 1 watt combo.


How we see Slash, how Slash sees us

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Found this on the Web…internet-truths-funny-12[1]

Reminds me – must go pick up his new album, cos his last one was frickin’ awesome.