Asia– Heat of the moment solo is horrible.

Sitting in the back of a cab the other day and this song came on the radio.  I’ve heard this many times and somewhere in the back of my mind knew that it was one of those bands like Boston, Asia or Yes or someone – hadn’t paid that much attention to it but it was very familiar to me.

Anyway, I was listening along and then I noticed that this song has a *horrible* guitar solo and I was thinking ‘Jeez – whoever that guitarist is has produced a solo nearly as bad as that one by Graham Coxon’ in that it sounds like someone who has only been playing the guitar for about 5 minutes and decided that this is enough experience and practice to be able to put down a stinging lead.  It has out of tune bends, crappy rhythm, nasty tone, poor contour, obviously has had no planning whatsoever, etc., etc. and is just plain ‘yech’.

Anyway, when I got home later I dug through Wikipedia to find out who was the culprit for this abomination and to my horror I discovered that the guitarist in Asia for this album was none other than Steve Howe!!!  JESUS!!  SHOCK!!! I mean, this guy is a god and err,  well, just goes to show, even the best of us can have an off day… hear the horror starting at about 3:00

(usual disclaimer applies: I haven’t sold any records, haven’t put out any hit singles, and haven’t recorded any iconic solos horrible or otherwise), so haters, I’m doing your work for you…


8 Responses to “Asia– Heat of the moment solo is horrible.”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Totally agree with everything you’ve said – always thought that it was almost unbelievably bad and that’s why I found your blog looking for someone else who thought so. The fact that it’s Steve Howe just adds to the disbelief. What was going on in the studio that day such that no-one was going to stick their neck out and say “actually Steve, I could do better than that and I’m just the cleaner !”

  3. I was going to have to blog about this but you got there first 😉 Was just listening to this song for the zillionth time and for some reason started paying attention to how incredibly bad the solo is. It fails in every way, bad timing, bum notes, just totally amateur! Can’t believe it made it to the final cut.

  4. bob crozier Says:

    nobody ever had the guts to say ‘you know what steven, you’re a crap electric guitar player’ on the acoustic peerless, on the electric a ham-fisted bodger. nearly as bad as axel rudi pell. what a pallet.

    • Yitzhak Shtarker Says:

      You’re joking, right? I’m listening to Asia’s first right now, and his playing is “meh” at best, but the man is a guitar god (both electric and acoustic) – can’t think of anything he has done with Yes (his live attempts at “Owner of a Lonely heart” not withstanding) that was anything less than stellar.

  5. Yitzhak Shtarker Says:

    Asia is such an unnecessary band… It had some of the greatest musicians in prog rock playing on it (Steve Howe and Carl Palmer together?! Are you fucking kidding me??!), but I can’t listen to them for more tha a few minutes at a time. Heard this song just now, and went running to the web, to try and find some info that no, that wasn’t Howe sleepwalking his way through that dud, he went out for a pee or something and they had to use Vladislav, the builder from next door who said he could play…!

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  7. God lord I feel vindicated ! I always thought this solo was the worst in rock music and thought I was hearing it wrong because no one was mentioning it. I’m not a musician so I am throwing stones but good lord what was going on in that recording studio that day this abortion was released unto the world. Someone please do a backstory on it. PLEASE!

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