A guitar store in Vietnam

Grainy camera phone picture of a guitar store (and curiously, also with chess and checker sets for sale) I saw while passing in Hanoi, Vietnam yesterday as I am here on business. This store was not far from Hoan Kiem lake. I went in and all the guitars are brandless/nameless and I presume locally made. I did not ask the prices nor try any of them as there were two Australian school kids in there trying to bargain for a little guitar with a tiny old lady and I don’t think the conversation went their way as they left a few seconds later.

All the instruments are acoustic including a couple of little mandolins that look no worse than those Fender beginner ones made in China.  There was a bunch of nylon strings round the back that were somewhere between a parlour and a dreadnought in size and they were packaged in crumpled paper sacks.

A far cry from the glitzy showrooms with the latest Fender Custom shops in the window and Marshall stacks (I am sure Vietnam has one or two of these itself but I haven’t stumbled upon any yet), but nevertheless it’s always interesting to see these corners of far flung places.



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