Bad karma

Well, I knew as soon as I’d hit ‘publish’ that disparaging someone else’s guitar playing was going to come back round to me. On the internet this usually manifests as others with opposing views to your own leaving lots of swearing comments and calling me a fag, but since this blog is almost entirely undiscovered that would be a vain hope.

Instead, while trying to do some sound clips of the new little Marshall last week using my phone the resulting recordings were so horrible that I was half thinking ‘god – I’ve been playing for a quarter of a century and I’m *still* rubbish’ which was kind of depressing and did get me thinking a bit for a few days.  Whatever it was that I played was some uninspired pentatonic noodling with out of tune bends and horrible tone as a result of the phone mic which didn’t capture any of the moving air and just made my playing sound even worse. I felt terrible.

Anyway, the funk soon passed. You often see some of these threads on TGP and other places about players stuck in ruts and that’s how I felt at the time and I read a few of those; nice to read the words of total strangers supporting others they’d never met and I felt a little better. I later dug out some of my books such as The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick and The Guitarist’s Guide to Composing and Improvising by Jon Damian for a bit of inspiration.

A couple of days later, I plugged in and felt much better about what I played – it was much closer to what I aspire to.  Why can’t I do that when the record button is on though? And how come I can never get a camera, video or phone cam to capture what the sound is like in my ears of the guitar coming through the amp…


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