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Fender’s naming conventions might need a rethink…

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I’m gassing after this fella, but seriously – look at the name of the thing.. even without the brand, it’s still the Custom Deluxe Stratocaster Special – that’s three separate honorifics. It’s Custom… It’s Deluxe.. and… It’s SPECIAL! Oh Yeah.

We get it.



Gunk on Jazz bass pickguard

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On my recently acquired Fender 60s Jazz Bass, I peeled off the polythene backing (fronting?) from the tortoise shell pickguard and it left behind a very nasty sticky adhesive residue all over it.  A bit of searching around the web yielded the info that Fender themselves recommended some stuff called ‘Goo Gone’ so off I traipsed down to Home Fix to grab a bottle which cost me 13 bucks. Unfortunately, after several applications, none of the goo was gone.

A bit more searching also recommended WD-40 which I happened to already have (handy dads need to have this stuff around you know…) and this worked a treat, slicing through the residue in no time at all. However, there are some unshiny patches still on the pickguard which are visible at certain angles in the light which I’m not super crazy about.

And I did notice this rather baffling anomaly when I had removed the guard for the cleaning. Look closely at the blackened screw in the centre of the picture:


Yep. It’s shorter than the rest and it’s all corroded and blackened. WTF..??! This is a brand new store-bought guitar. Seems like someone in Fender Mexico ran out of the regular screws and was too lazy to go to the storeroom and just found the nearest one he had in his box of bits at his desk.  The gauge is slightly thicker than the rest and it’s about 2mm shorter. And of course it’s black. Well, I kept it in. I didn’t have a matching screw in my box of bits. Too lazy to write to Fender for a single screw.

File under miscellaneous

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Picks. 3mm Jim Dunlop stubbies that I use. Supposed to be 24 in a pack but I got a bonus one – yay!

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Electric 12 string sets to restring Epiphone G-1275


Analogman Sun Face is here. Post coming on it later.