They say that every mark, every scuff, every scratch or dent in a roadworn guitar says something about that instrument’s history – it’s an indelible indicator of its coming of age as its tone was enriched through the crucible of time, vibration and maturation.  They say that each of these marks has a story – illustrations and etchings of rock and roll incidents throughout its lifetime since it left the factory and was whisked into the world of stages, rehearsals, groupies, tours, sellout headlining concerts, musical-history changing songs and solos…

…not my guitars.

My Martin HD-28 has a big scratch on the front that my wife caused while vacuuming my son’s bedroom. The case was unlatched and she lifted it to vacuum under it and it fell out. I was beside myself with grief.

My Fender Vintage Jazz Bass got dinged just last week as I opened the cupboard door to take out a pair of underpants after a shower and the door (which is mirrored glass) just nicked the edge of it by about 2mm.  My wife came in to find me naked, cradling the guitar and using the edge of the bedsheet to try to buff out the mark from the finish – tears in my eyes.

Is that fucking rock or what?


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