Marshall DSL1C, shaky start, satisfactory customer resolution

I recently acquired this fella having been waiting for it to arrive for about 6 months:


Unfortunately when I got it home I realized that the 1w/0.1w power stage toggle was contacting intermittently on the low power setting, failing eventually after about 5 in/out pushes.  I brought it into Davis a couple of days later and the Boss Uncle said their tech would look at it within a couple of days.

A couple of weeks and a couple of follow-up calls later, they had still not managed to repair it and with no further discussion offered to replace it with a new unit which I gladly accepted. I went down and picked it up the same day and it has been singing in my studio for the past couple of nights with an MXR Carbon Copy in the effects loop. The amp distortion is very high gain and it really sings and has a nice bit of Marshall ‘thump’ when you turn it up a bit. More than ample for any home practice. In addition to shredding with it, I will also be using it as one half of my planned stereo setup with the JCM1C on the other side, a TC John Petrucci and a Boss DD-7 (both stereo) in between.

I’m very glad Davis opted to just give me a replacement and it seems that intentionally or otherwise they are honoring Singapore’s recently passed ‘Lemon Law’ – i.e. “The retailer may first offer to repair or replace the defective good within a reasonable period of time and without significant inconvenience to the buyer. If this is not possible, the consumer may either keep the item and get a partial refund, or return the item and get a full refund.”  

The happy couple:


Actually I am going to flip the JCM800 if I can get my hands on a JVM1C – I prefer the utility of having an effects loop.


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