Stereo rig V1.1 with 1W Marshalls


The objects of interest are the JCM-1C on the upper-left and the the DSL-1C on the upper right, then, in the foreground on the floor, left to right, Boss DD-7, TC electronic JP Dreamscape, Boss PS-6 Harmonist.

The signal is split at the Harmonist and it’s stereo-out –> stereo-in until the DD-7. From here, one channel is sent left (JCM) and one is sent right (DSL). Both amps are set relatively clean.

The other stuff (YJM atop 4×12, pedalboards centre-middle and right middle) are not currently in the signal chain.

I must admit I didn’t get the separation effect I was hoping for (esp. lack of delay ping pong), but this is my first try – I must do some reading up on DD-7 settings.


4 Responses to “Stereo rig V1.1 with 1W Marshalls”

  1. What kind of spacing did the amps have?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You can see from the pic that they are about 6 feet apart.

    • Oddly enough that did cross my mind, but he could’ve pushed them together to get them both in shot. As he says he didn’t get the spread he was after, so my first suggestion would be to try moving them apart in different ways – not just wider apart but also stagger one further forward from the other, one slightly higher or lower than the other etc. You can create all sorts of nice ambient sweet spots by doing so.

  3. Hi – yes – as they are in the pic is how I am using them.

    I got one part of the equation cracked which was getting the DD-7 operating in stereo mode (there’s some fiddling with plugging into input A, holding down the pedal and so forth) so now I am getting panning on each echo on the 800ms setting.

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