Going stereo can cause insanity

So here’s a picture of the current stereo routing I have been fiddling with:


The signal path goes guitar –> tuner –> PS6 harmonist.  This then splits the signal in two – one goes from here direct to the DSL-1C where I am trying to use the amp distortion. This amp sends to the Dreamscape from its FX loop and the DD-7 returns to it.  

On the other channel from the Harmonist, this signal continues to the DS-1 then into the Dreamscape then the DD-7 which then goes on to the input of the JCM which is set on clean.

It doesn’t work as expected. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the routing right so that the distortion from the DSL-1C does not somehow get routed to the JCM via the delay or chorus.  I admit I’m not entirely sure where each signal is going and which should go to which inputs/outputs (mono/stereo) to get this all correct. 


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