Noodling on Marshall DSL-1 with a Sunface

Simple setup, Analogman Sunface (Red Dot NKT) into DSL-1 on the red channel with gain on max. Video doesn’t do the sound justice (nor does my shitty playing as usual either) but it sounds fat warm, juicy fuzzy sustainy when you’re sitting there in front of it… must get a proper mic.

Guitar is one the Fender ‘57 Smart Size Strat I got recently on the neck pickup.


3 Responses to “Noodling on Marshall DSL-1 with a Sunface”

  1. Wow man, your switching between diminished and harmonic minor with no problems at all! What is your thought process when doing this have you got a method?

  2. Hi – you got good ears if you can tell I am doing that. 🙂

    Admittedly I am not that advanced at it and you can probably tell that I’m doing the ‘wrong’ thing at times, but essentially what I am doing here is playing over a minor ii-V-i in Cm, so that is Dm7b5 | G7 | Cm. In all cases I am trying to centre around the chord tones, but I am using the harmonic minor over the Dm7b5 into the g7. Over the G7 I am using the dim7 as that seems to be a common sub – I suppose one name would be G#/Ab Dim7. Then I use the aeolian or harmonic minor over the Cm…. at least this is what I started out thinking I was doing… 🙂

    Thanks for visiting.

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