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Han Solo & The Princess

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You know the clicking drill by now:HanSoloPrincess

A bit annoying – I did the tidy up of the tab while (unbeknownst to me) my Sibelius trail had expired the day before and there was no warning. My full purchased copy had arrived meanwhile last week while I was in the U.S. and was sitting at the office mailroom. So, a couple of hours later and trying to do a save and then being told I couldn’t until I had done an activation was a tad irksome.

Well, printed it out and did some screencaps to composite the jpg above was as much as I could do…

Running Sibelius he second time (after discarding all my prior work) I *did* get a warning that there would be save capability – go figure.



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delweiss: my favourite song from the movie The Sound Of Music arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar.  Can’t figure how to make stupid Sibelius make the bars in the last stave divide evenly by 9 so the final C chord is all squashed up – oh well….  Anyway, I will be posting videos of me playing all these recent arrangements soon.

Started with a simple piano score to get the basic framework down then transcribed some of the duet between Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp) and his eldest daughter for the harmony parts in bars 10 and 12, but declined the octave doubling later in favour of some intervallic leaps to keep it a bit more interesting.

As usual, click for a readable larger version.


Different key obviously… One of the awesome things about Sibelius is the ability to transpose up or down instantly, by keys, intervals, whatever, so you can transcribe something that might be in D flat, but then switch it to a guitar and finger-friendly key later.  Gotta love that.

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1 full tab

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As usual, click for a bigger version.

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

D&D Melody + Chords V1

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Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake transcription

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Here’s an arrangement of the main theme I did using Sibelius 7 (which I am starting to get the hang of a little) which includes guitar tab.  I started by getting a piano score that had the main melody and also showed chord symbols. First I put the melody into the software as the upper voice, then I added the bass accompaniment based on the chord symbols, building up with relevant strong notes from the spelling of the chord, root or other strong character tone. 

Went through about 5 revs during the course of today, and now have an arrangement I quite like though I am sure I will continue to futz with it.

The chord symbols are just there as indicative of the harmony at each point and what I based the accompaniment on.

Click for bigger.

Swan Lake