delweiss: my favourite song from the movie The Sound Of Music arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar.  Can’t figure how to make stupid Sibelius make the bars in the last stave divide evenly by 9 so the final C chord is all squashed up – oh well….  Anyway, I will be posting videos of me playing all these recent arrangements soon.

Started with a simple piano score to get the basic framework down then transcribed some of the duet between Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp) and his eldest daughter for the harmony parts in bars 10 and 12, but declined the octave doubling later in favour of some intervallic leaps to keep it a bit more interesting.

As usual, click for a readable larger version.


Different key obviously… One of the awesome things about Sibelius is the ability to transpose up or down instantly, by keys, intervals, whatever, so you can transcribe something that might be in D flat, but then switch it to a guitar and finger-friendly key later.  Gotta love that.


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